Lee McKinnon

👋 Hi there!

🎉 I'm an founding member, leader, engineer and wearer of many, many hats at Ledgex where I've been building fantastic software for multi-asset allocators for the past decade. More recently, I committed the first bits of code that is now known as Ledgex Pro which provides better data insights + confidence for institutional investors.

🔨 I primarily work with ASP.NET Core, React/Redux/TypeScript/ES6, C#, SQL (we use Dapper for an ORM) and Azure. In the past, I've worked with WinForms and WPF and have dabbled with other desktop UI alternatives such as Electron. On the side, I hack on projects built upon django/python. Aside from day-to-day development, I also enjoy contributing to our technical leadership team & culture, security efforts, product design and expansion of our platform.

🏦 Within the business domain, I've led development efforts to build out many of our products that power our liquidity, projected valuations and tax lot tracking among many others. I've also built out functionality to handle functionality around Private Equity, Partnerships, Unitized Funds and PE.

🛶 Outside of work, my family keeps me busy with plenty of kayaking & outdoor adventures in the New England area. I also enjoy music/guitar/ableton, electronics & hardware (I went to school for this you know, days of sitting in front of an oscilloscope) cooking great food, watching good movies, mountain biking and cruising around in my favorite electric car.

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