Hi there, my name is Lee.

I’m currently the VP of Engineering at Ledgex where we build solutions for endowments, fund of hedge funds, family offices and pensions.

I’ve been a developing software since I was 9 or 10. Back then, I created basic HTML websites and fiddled with compilers/linux. Nowadays, I focus on cloud technologies, primarily Azure and devlivery of modern enterprise applications. I’ve always been interested in full stack development, so my programming interests have included C#/ASP.NET, Python/Django, React, Redux, Sass and TypeScript. My interest in UI/UX has also always been there as I wanted to be a Disney animator as a kid (seriously!) and had a little bit of an eye for design (so I’ve been told).

This blog serves as a place to share my ideas, findings and thoughts on various tech/dev subjects.

See you around!